Indigenous knowledge systems do not readily conform to the disciplinary boundaries of a research university. Indigenous epistemologies, practices and belief systems, often move within and across humanistic, social and scientific divides. Indigenous Studies is more than just an inter-discipline or cross-disciplinary field. It is an epistemological framework that grounds research in the protocols of place acknowledgement, and the researcher’s own positionality. Indigenous research done by indigenous scholars cannot be divorced from wider processes of social and restorative justice and decolonial practices, whether at local or global scales.

Re-Connecting People with Traditional Knowledge. The Past is Always Present. A Virtual Exhibition of Indigenous Art

In the Spring of 2022, the first Indigenous Studies Interdisciplinary Cluster cohort curated a virtual exhibition. The course was Research Methods and Ethics: Theory and Applicants, ANTH 8559, taught by Sonia Alconini. Visit this fantastic virtual exhibition curated by Ganiyu Jimoh ( Jimga ), Christian Cancho, and Randall Puckett! (click on the image). The opening will be in the Fall of 2022.


Ganiyu Jimoh ( Jimga ) and Christian Cancho conducted many of the interviews in collaboration with Randall Puckett. This effort will expand in the following semesters. In the interviews, you will be able to appreciate the rich diversity of research projects, methodologies, and approaches undertaken at UVA.

Jim Igoe. Professor in the Department of Anthropology
Douglas Fordham. Professor in the Department of Art and Art History
Lauren Simkins. Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences

Federico Cuatlacuatl. Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History
Henry Skerritt. Curator of Indigenous Arts of Australia at the Kluge-Ruhe Museum
Allison Bigelow. Tom Scully Discovery Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Kasey Jernigan. Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology. University of Virginia